What is IC? Uses and types of ICs you should know

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Have you ever wondered why IC is indispensable in every electronic circuit? What is IC? What does this part do and what is its application? Everything is shared in the following article. Please refer.

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What is IC?

What is IC? IC stands for the English word “integrated circuit” to refer to a chip or electronic circuitonic circuit. This is a collection of many semiconductor and passive components (such as transistors and resistors). Usually, they are interconnected to perform specific functions and are designed to perform one function as a combined component

What is IC

What is the use and function of IC?

ICs, or electronic circuits, play a very important role; they are an indispensable part of technological and industrial equipment such as wire cutting machines and CNC lathes. The IC greatly reduces the circuit size to a few microns and increases accuracy.

In addition, the IC is also the most important element in logic and control circuits. Currently, ICs are divided into two main types: those that are flexibly programmable and those with predefined (non-programmable) functions. Each type has its own use, which is clearly stated by the manufacturer on the information sheet printed on the product.

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What is IC

Classification IC

+ Classification based on signal processing:

  • Digital ICs process or store digital signals.
  • Analog IC or linear IC for analog signal processing
  • Mixed ICs include both analog and digital.

+ Classification by manufacturing technology:

  • Monolithic: Elements are placed on pieces of single-crystal semiconductor material.
  • Thin film circuits: The element formed by deposition on glass is commonly found in resistive networks fabricated by electronic balance. These devices are manufactured with great detail and precision and are well protected and coated. Applications in the production of flat screens.
  • Thick circuit combined chip

+ Classification by level of integration: IC is a general term. Then it is divided into SSI and MSI, LSI, VLSI (CPU, GPU, ROM, RAM, PLA, etc.), and UL.

+ Sort by use:

  • The CPU, quite familiar to computer enthusiasts, is considered the processor in today’s computers.
  • RFID monitoring technology is used in high-quality electronic anti-theft locks today.
  • ASIC to control toasters, home appliances, washing machines, etc.
  • Sensor IC processing such as accelerometer, light, magnetic field, poison, etc.
  • DSP (digital signal processing)
  • A microcontroller contains all the parts of a small computer.
  • Power integrated circuits can handle large currents or voltages.
  • A system-on-a-chip (SoC) is a system on a chip.

Common types of ICs

Here are some common types of ICs on the market:

  • Linear IC: Acts as an audio and high-frequency amplifier. It collects signals from the environment and sends them back to it, controlling the device to respond to changes in the environment.
  • Digital IC: This is the type of IC that operates in a certain state or at different levels. They are often installed in computers, networks, modems, frequency counters, etc. Some common types are: IC 7805, IC AN6884, IC LM358, IC 555, IC 4017, and IC 741.
  • Application IC: It can be a digital circuit IC or an analog circuit. This type can control the speed of a remote-controlled car but will not become a microprocessor. It is not capable of following alternate directions.
  • Radio frequency IC: Used for mobile phones or wireless devices, it operates in the 3 kHz to 2.4 GHz frequency range.

What is IC

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IC is a device that is no stranger to technicians; it is applied to most technological and industrial equipment such as CNC cutting machines, milling machines, lathes, etc. ICs help reduce the circuit size of the device and equipment, increasing accuracy even more. It is an important element in control logic circuits. ICs can also act as amplifiers, oscillators, timers, and memory for computers,… Above is all useful information about what IC is. that we want to share with you. The tech hopes this article brings you a lot of useful information. For all your needs about electronic components, please contact us for the best advice!

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