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SMT  splicing tape and auxiliary materials are made of polyethylene terephthalate. Products are applied by companies manufacturing electronic components. Used in transmission lines applying SMT technology.

SMT Splicing tape series: There are four main series of products (8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 24 mm, 32 mm): single-sided adhesive tape, double-sided splicing tape, full splicing tape, special splicing tape, and SMT splicing tape.

Cutting and connecting small parts is a very common thing in the production of electronic components and ICs. Therefore, Splicing tape and SMT (Material Adhesive Tape) auxiliary materials are indispensable in gluing or joining small parts in this production.

What is SMT?

Application Technology SMT is a surface connection technology used in the manufacture of electronic devices. SMT is known in full as “Surface Mount Technology,” a technology for manufacturing printed circuit boards by soldering with hot lead. The use of SMT surface bonding technology saves time and reduces machining costs in the assembly of electronic devices. Each component is fixed on the circuit board for a while. The method is very simple and takes up very little space. In addition, when using SMT, the other side of the PCB is also covered with a similar layer of solder.

What is the use of SMT Splicing tapes and auxiliary materials?

SMT splicing tapes and auxiliary materials are manufactured for:

  • Specially designed with acrylic adhesive for good adhesion.
  • Better protection of components and electronics. Ideal product to protect circuit boards, electronic components, semiconductors, etc.
  • Splicing tapes are used to connect electronic components.

SMT splicing tape is a special adhesive tape with many useful functions and applications, making it easier for workers to use, simplifying, and thus improving productivity. This product is easy to use and labor-saving.

Types of SMT splicing tapes

There are four main series of splicing products:

  • Single-sided splicing tape (many models): usually with a clamp and copper buckle, skilled workers can also use four-sided tape directly to apply tape without pliers, but it is relatively expensive.
  • Double-sided (multi-series) splicing tape (single hole and bilateral hole positioning): the two sides of the splicing tape and the holes of the tape perfectly match the yellow splicing tape to form a film in the fully adhesive tape material with an affordable price.
  • Full splicing tape (multiple lines) makes splicing faster and more efficient.
  • Special splicing tape (various series)

SMT splicing tape has many sizes, such as 8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 24 mm, 32 mm, and 44 mm, which correspond to different products.

Advantages of SMT splicing tapes

  • Anti-static (black is not anti-static)
  • High adhesion
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and health-safe
  • Low cost; no cost; no material waste
  • Simple to use, increases production efficiency, and avoids material stops 

Thetech sells genuine SMT splicing tape and auxiliary materials

On the Vietnamese market today, there are many companies that provide splicing tapes. However, the origin and quality of SMT splicing tapes are not guaranteed, causing confusion in the market. Because sometimes a small difference also has big consequences affecting the quality of the product, consumers need to learn carefully about a reputable and reliable place to buy for long-term cooperation.

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SMT splicing tapes and auxiliary materials distributed by TH are genuine KHJ products that meet RoHS international standards.