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Solder wire, also known as heat-resistant solder wire, does not splash, quickly wets, and clears residue. Suitable for manual and robotic welding, as well as electronic assembly or rework soldering. Applications for high speed welding requirements such as tensile welding.

Solder wire is a fairly familiar material in the field of electronics for industrial production and assembly. This is a high-quality soldering material that is safe to use in simple to automated soldering processes, solving complex problems in electronic circuit soldering and contributing to increased product productivity. Let’s learn about tin solder wire in the following article.

What is Solder wire?

Solder wire is a relatively low-melting point alloy of 90 to 450 °C (200 to 840 °F) used to join dissimilar metals. They are used in electrical and electronic engineering. Typically, the melting point of solder is between 180 and 190 °C. Solder may contain lead or flux, but in most cases, today’s solder does not contain lead. Tin solder wire is often used with a soldering iron to create a solder joint and maintain the properties of the solder metal, which is conductive and melts at low temperatures.

Common types of solder wire 

There are two types of solder wire: pure tin-solder wire and tin-solder wire with turpentine.

– Leaded solder wire:

  • The ratio 63 (Sn)/37 (Pb) is optimal, the solder is bright, easy to flow, and this ratio gives the eutectic alloy many special properties in fusion welding.
  • The 60(Sn)/40(Pb) ratio has a higher melting point and is more liquid, but the solder is less shiny.

– Lead-free solder wire:

This type, primarily 96.5 (Sn)/3 (Ag)/0.5 (Cu), is not only superior, but also more expensive. 

Is solder wire safe?

In fact, lead is a fairly toxic element for human life, so it will also be harmful in current leaded solder wires.

Lead affects many organs and tissues around the heart, bones, and intestines, is toxic to the reproductive and nervous systems, and causes many long-term behavioral effects. Symptoms include headache, anemia, body weakness, and severe coma, which can be fatal and extremely dangerous to the body.

To ensure the health of users, production units have used copper or added silver to replace lead, so there are many lead-free solder wire products on the market today.

Where can you buy solder wire?

Purchasing solder wire at ambiguous addresses often results in the purchase of a subpar product. You must choose to buy from a supplier that provides products of clear origin to ensure safety when using them. At Thetech, we always bring you the most prestigious and high-quality products; we say no to poor quality goods. Customers can order solder wire based on specifications such as size and suitability for use.

Solder wire is a must-have item for the IC industry, along with electronics and solder. Because it plays such an important role, the source of goods is covered all over the country. Thetech, in particular, is a place where many people can get the two main types of pure solder wire and solder wire with turpentine (lead-free) at a reasonable price. That’s why you can rest assured when choosing to buy solder wire here.

Tin-solder wire is a necessary product for electronic assembly and soldering. With such high demand today, finding a reputable unit is very important. Come to Thetech to get this material at the best market price. For any inquiries, please contact us for a consultation today.

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