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The electronic circuit board is a very small part, but it plays a very important role in the electronic circuit. After a period of use, they will be dusty; if we do not properly clean with electronic cleaning chemicals, these parts will be broken.

Why clean the electronic board?

Most parts of the electronic circuit board, such as circuits and communication ports, are exposed to the air and have a lot of dust. This dirt easily adheres to these electronic circuit boards and accumulates for a long time, which will increase the short circuit, reduce the heat dissipation of the device, and lead to a decrease in system performance. Many different types of dirt can corrode the circuit board.

Therefore, cleaning electronic circuits is very important. Proper cleaning of electronic circuits ensures signal transmission and the operation of electronic equipment. Using water, soap, or gasoline to clean the electronic circuits can easily damage the entire circuit board. The best way to clean electronic circuits is to use specialized electronic cleaning chemicals.

Types of popular electronic cleaning chemicals today

Flux Promoclean Dispersion 607

This cleaner is commonly used to remove adhesive and liquid buildup from printed circuit boards (PCBA) by automatic immersion, spray, or ultrasonic cleaning. This electronic cleaning chemical is recommended for market areas and applications requiring high reliability of electronic equipment, such as in the fields of aerospace, military and defense, transportation, energy, medical, etc.

Cleaning chemicals Promoclean Oven 4

Fast, strong, gentle, safe, non-explosive cleaners are specially used to remove deposits on blades, bodies, and in soldering furnaces (reflow and wave soldering machines) by spraying, soaking, and manual cleaning. It has a faster, stronger, and slower evaporation rate than IPA and other flammable and toxic chemicals. 

Promoclean Disper 610 electronic board cleaner

This cleaning chemical is often used to clean flux residue on wave pallets, soldering furnace chains, flux trays, or disassembled accessories of soldering irons (wave solder, reflow solder) and PCB boards. This product is often mixed with water in the ratio of 1/4 or 1/9, so it is economical or has high cleaning efficiency. Besides, it is also safe and environmentally friendly.

TopKlean EL10F: electronic board cleaner

This Topklean EL 10F will not burn at temperatures below 38 oC and is therefore safe for use in shops or offices (where temperatures are generally stable around 25 oC). This type is often used to clean the print form with solder paste and red SMT glue instead of IPA or other flammable and toxic chemicals (e.g., acetone). It is a special substance for manual cleaning (especially of circuit boards). The safety has been tested, so users can rest assured that regular and continuous contact will not damage circuit boards or electronic components.

Where can you buy electronic cleaning chemicals?

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