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What is a switch? The switch is a widely used switching device today. But not everyone knows exactly what a switch is. For more in-depth information, don’t miss the helpful content below

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What is a switch?

The switch is an important switching device widely used today. The principle of operation of the switch is to connect network segments together in a star pattern. Simply put, the switch acts as a hub, and other satellite devices, including computers, will connect here. From there, create a transmission station to transmit data. In particular, the switch supports full-duplex technology to help expand the transmission bandwidth. This is a highlight that only the Switch has and other devices of the same type do not.

What is a switch

The switch can choose the path to allow the transmission of frames (data link layer entities) for more efficient LAN operation. The switch also identifies the connected machine by providing the source MAC address in the frame. Switches have similar properties to devices such as hubs or routers. However, this device also has obvious differences:

  • Split connection by network segment: The switch helps to divide the network system into micro-segmentation units, allowing multiple users to use different segments.
  • Provides high bandwidth: The switch divides the LAN into many small network segments as a separate lane.

What is a switch

Switch classification

Here are the common switch categories:

  • Port number classification: Many people are often only interested in the switch’s port number to meet the needs of the number of users. There are some types such as Switch 4 ports, Switch 8 ports, Switch 12 ports, Switch 16 ports, Switch 24 ports, and Switch 48 ports.
  • The classification of operating locations includes several types, such as industrial switches, access switches, and core
  • Classification of switches by technology, including types such as 10/100 Ethernet switches, POE Ethernet switches, optical port switches, 10/10 Ethernet switches, and 100/1000 Ethernet switches
  • Classify switches by class, such as Layer 1 Switch, Layer 2 Switch, and Layer 3 Switch.
  • Classification of switches by manufacturer with famous brands such as Cisco Switch, Juniper Switch, HP Switch, TP-Link Switch, Micronet Switch, etc.

Function of the Switch

Transfer data frame

The first Switch feature that we should mention is that it is used to transfer data frames between connected devices. Switch as a traffic cop to relay data on the local network. From there, ancillary data types are moved to where they need to be without bottlenecks or interruptions.

Split the network system

If you are wondering what the switch does, its job is to divide the LAN system into smaller segments. Multiple segments can be merged more easily through the connection ports of the switch. The date conversion feature helps to create smaller conflict domains to provide users with high bandwidth.

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What is a switch

Can connect multiple segments

When two computers are connected, the switch needs to know which computer is connected to its port. The switch will then configure the virtual network between the two ports in the most compatible way without affecting the other ports’ traffic.

Build tables and provide information

Another answer to the question of what the function of the switch is is to create tables with information about packets and send them to the correct address when needed. That is, the switch receives data from the computers in the system, analyzes it, creates a table, and then sends it.

The importance of switching in life

High-performance and stable LANs are possible because the switch has the ability to create a virtual connection path between two devices without affecting other connections.

Similar to the Switch, the Hub is another fairly popular device. Basically, these two have equivalent functions when helping to connect multiple computers and devices and act as hubs. However, instead of creating a virtual network connecting two devices, hubs share bandwidth on the same transmission line. When two workstations communicate with each other, they use a significant amount of bandwidth, which reduces the operation of other devices connected to the hub. Thus, it can be seen that the Switch is smarter and superior when it can create a virtual transmission line to connect two devices separately, ensuring adequate bandwidth.

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The switch is the preferred switching device. Hopefully, our interesting information in the article has helped readers understand “What is a switch”, how its features work, and its importance in life. If you have any need for electronic components, do not hesitate to contact Thettech for the best advice!

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