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Solder Flux is a chemical that facilitates the soldering process to produce better-quality solder joints. Flux products are mainly available in liquid or cream form.

What is solder flux?

Solder Flux is a chemical that facilitates better soldering. Flux usually has as its main ingredient a rosin mixture created to ensure a smooth soldering process. Soldering is the main process in electronic assembly. The performance of flux directly affects the quality of electronic products. Common types of flux Flux has three main types: alcohol-based flux, water-based flux, and amphoteric.

Alcohol-based type is flammable and volatile, so the smell is as strong as alcohol-based type (IPA), and it is easy to catch fire and burn at room temperature. Manual soldering appears to be unsuitable due to rapid evaporation and environmental hazards.

The water-based type does not burn at room temperature and has no odor of alcohol, and loss due to evaporation is also very low because it comes from water. So it is very suitable for spot welding, dip welding, or new technology welding.

Amphoteric has both alcohol- and water-based properties.

Some types of solder fluxes are commonly used today

ECOFREC 320 welding flux

Solder Flux Ecofrec 320 is a non-volatile, non-flammable, water-based flux that requires no cleaning after welding (due to its very low solids content and few residues) and has highly effective adhesion. This type meets the needs of lead-free technology applications and coating requirements immediately after wave soldering without cleaning. Ecofrec 320 offers excellent wetting, filling for all materials, no alloy coating, no visible deposits, and high reliability (with high insulation). In particular, this type of flux does not contain harmful substances such as fluoride, chloride, bromide, or halogen. Actual use shows that Ecofrec 320 responds well when used with wave soldering, spot welding, and dip welding.

Solder Flux ECOFREC 200

Solder Flux ECOFREC 200 is an alcohol-based, no-cleaning, low-residue flux for use in nitrogen and air-controlled welding processes. This solder is colorless, good quality, has low residue, and is compatible with various lead-free PCBs containing Ni/Au, Sn, Ag, HAL, and OSP, including before and after the heating cycle. It is also compatible with a wide range of solder masks for use with lead and lead-free technology products.

Solder Flux ECOFREC 205

Solder Flux ECOFREC 205 is an alcohol-based flux that provides excellent solderability in both lead-free and leaded solders. It can be used in wave soldering, spot soldering, and dip soldering on lead-free circuit boards such as Ni/Au, Sn, Ag, HAL, and OSP, even after many repeated soldering cycles.

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