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Conformal Coating is a transparent, non-toxic acrylic coating developed to protect printed circuit boards from environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, dust, etc.). It has been formulated to meet the highest resistance requirements. The electronic board coating is easy to apply to many different surfaces and is resistant to impacts such as dust, moisture, and many other types of dirt. This edema provides an environmentally friendly circuit coating process.

Conformal coating are diluted to create different types such as: AVR80 BA DS65, AVR80 BA DS70

What is conformal coating?

The conformal coating is a transparent, non-toxic acrylic layer that is a protective barrier applied to the surface of sensitive electronic components. When applied to circuit boards, the protective layer prevents hazards such as moisture, water vapor damage, or circuit corrosion. This membrane has a unique chemical formula and structure to block potentially harmful substances.

A protective layer adheres firmly around intricately shaped components. Instead of preventing penetration through the case, the protective coating forms a tight bond a few microns thick.

The coating is suitable for electronic components commonly used in industries, from military to automotive to IoT. No matter where it is, the right electronic circuit board coating to protect the machinery ensures that the system stays up and running through the most unpredictable conditions.

The benefits of conformal coating

With this method, the circuit boards are covered with a thin layer of material (which can be a UV binder, acrylate, silicone, epoxy, or polyurethane) called a protective coating to insulate and protect the circuit from the environment as well as increase the voltage tolerance between the capacitors in the circuit. The conformal coating offers the following benefits:

Provides perfect protection for the entire circuit board: conformal coating is designed to protect the circuit board from moisture, dirt, mold, high temperatures, and other contaminants. This coating can also withstand many solvents and harsh chemicals and has good heat resistance. Normally, when exposed to these harsh environments, PCBs degrade in quality and shorten their lives; however, a protective coating can help slow this process or even prevent PCB damage from occurring.

Improved circuit board dielectric properties: When a protective coating is applied to a circuit, it can help the circuit prevent corrosion while still providing mechanical support to the electronic components to be soldered on the circuit and its solder points. In addition, the protective coating also helps to condense the circuit footprints, allowing space to be created between the electronic components.

Ease of application: Conformal coating can be applied in a variety of ways, depending on the manufacturer’s intended use, including spraying, dipping, or brushing onto the PCB surface. Provides reliable protection for rigid or flexible circuit boards such as metal, glass, or plastic surfaces. These circuit coatings can be easily sprayed onto surfaces to a thickness specified by the manufacturer.

Save time and costs: Protecting the circuit with conformal coating makes the board more compact than if you use other processes because you don’t need to use molds or circuit boards. As a result, the manufacturer only needs to repair the coating with less time and labor, thereby saving production costs.

Create information security: Conformal coatings are black and are used to cover and protect surfaces that carry marks, labels, or other identifying information, as well as confidential information that appears on circuit boards.

It is because of these outstanding properties and benefits that today’s conformal coatings are used in many applications and industries, including automobile manufacturing, e-bike manufacturing, and home appliance manufacturing (such as refrigerators, TVs, washing machines, etc.).

The current circuit coating products on the market are very diverse: high- and low-viscosity coatings, transparent and colored coatings, U coatings, silicone and epoxy coatings, etc. For any type of application with a conformal coating, please contact Thetech to choose the right one for your needs. TheTech will provide you with high-quality products at the most competitive prices.