Which type of solder wire is the best, which type should I buy?

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What type of solder is best, which type should I buy? This is a question that many customers always want to find the answer to. Because today, solder has a big role in the electronics industry. Let’s find out with the article below right now!

What is solder wire?

Tin solder wire is an alloy made by humans, and has a relatively low melting point of only 90-450 degrees Celsius. They are often used to weld and bond different metal surfaces. In the past, the lead compound in solder tin was quite high, but now that technology has developed, solder has no longer lead.

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In the solder wire, there are some metals such as Tin, Lead, some quality solder, and also Silver and Copper. Solder tin will easily melt even at low heat, this is a characteristic that few alloys have. Because in the tin core, there is flux liquid flux, depending on the type, there will be 1 or more cores. So in the welding process, we don’t need any more flux.

If you want to make more flux, you can get solder grease, which is a solder cleaner and helps reduce the surface tension of solder. From there, the solder can stick more smoothly than some solder joints. In addition, you can make your own circuit coating solution from natural ingredients. Crush the turpentine, then mix it with a solution of acetone or gasoline and stir until the turpentine is completely dissolved. As a result, we will have a slightly dark yellow solution that is successful.

The function of solder wire

In fact, lead is an element that is quite toxic to humans when exposed to a lot. Therefore, many types of solder wire currently contain lead, which can be harmful to human health. When exposed to lead, many body organs can be poisoned, causing many unpredictable consequences later. That is why we must not use lead solder in water pipes, only used mainly in the electrical industry.

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Currently, many companies producing solder have produced leaded solder, mainly Sn, Ag, and Cu to avoid causing adverse effects on users.

However, there are a few notes when using that, before using solder, workers need to take safety measures. Only in this way can unfortunate risks be avoided.

Which type of solder wire is the best, which type should I buy?

Solder wire SI100C 0.8mm

SI100C 0.8mm solder tin is a product chosen by many electronics manufacturers and manufacturers today. It plays an important role in the creation of electronic circuits and helps in efficient operation, quality, and professional appearance. 0.8mm SI100C solder is specialized for soldering pins of electronic components such as soldering, and soldering; used as a conductor for junctions. This soldering iron will create a beautiful, durable, compact, and well-functioning solder joint. In particular, it is a roll-up form, so it is extremely easy to use.

Lead-free solder tin LF-303w

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The best-selling LF-303w lead-free solder line comes from Malaysia. Having it will make your soldering much easier, safer, and more beautiful at the same time. Especially because it does not have lead, it is extremely safe for users’ health during work.

This welding product produces beautiful welds, very suitable for welds that require meticulousness and care. Not only that, the solder joint is also very shiny and can resist oxidation higher than other types of solder.

Tin solder with turpentine 63-37

Tin solder with turpentine 63-37 from Malaysia is also a great choice if you want to find a cheap soldering iron product but still ensure quality. This product contains turpentine that meets the standards for solder quality. Not only that, because of its origin from natural ingredients, it is extremely safe for users and protects the environment well.

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The outstanding point of this product makes many technicians choose to use it because of the turpentine component inside this welding device. As a result, it creates a solder with good adhesion and is easy to use in the process of soldering electronic components. Its high gloss finish, long fading time, and excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. It is commonly used for soldering circuit boards or power tools.

Lead-free solder NS-93HF Halogen-Free

Human health is always a top priority, so NS-93HF Halogen-Free lead-free solder is a great choice. This is a type of solder that helps users attach or connect electronic accessories together. This is a very good quality solder and is used in the electronics industry, or in mechanical workshops today.

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Lead-free solder wire 3% Silver SAC305

SAC305 Silver 3% Solder Tin is one of many solder products used by electronic engineers today. This type of solder possesses many outstanding advantages such as low melting temperature, perfect humidity, environmental protection when used, good solderability, and high durability. Not only that, but this type of tin also helps to reduce the consumption of the welding head of the automatic machine, while reducing costs and stability in the welding process. It is commonly used to solder copper wires in motors, audio, or coils.

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Above is information about solder tin and good soldering tins, the most chosen by many people. So the question of which solder is best, which one to buy, you probably already have the answer. For more information, please visit https://thetech.com.vn/. Hope this article will help you make good choices about quality solder.

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