Where to buy tin solder wire is guaranteed genuine, quality standards?


Lead-free solder wire or leaded solder wire is a familiar material in electronic components. There is always a great demand for this material. So where to buy solder wire that is guaranteed to be genuine, quality standard, and has the cheapest price? Please refer to the article below to know where to buy reputable!

General information about solder wire

What is solder wire?

Solder wire is also known as leaded solder wire – an alloy with a low melting point. Its main ingredients include tin and lead. Those with higher quality will be mixed with silver and copper.

where to buy solder wire

Currently, solder wire is divided into two main types, that is leaded solder wire and lead-free solder wire. The lead-free wire is silver, copper, and no lead in the compound. This type possesses a better quality, the price is also higher.

Uses of solder wire

Solder wire has a lower melting point than most other metals. Therefore, the main use of solder wire is to bond two pieces of metal together. Currently, they are widely applied in electrical, electronic, and welding technology. Depending on the purpose of use, there will be differences in the composition of the solder wire. The key factor is how to preserve the conductivity and other properties of the metal being welded. In addition, it must also ensure the ability to melt at low temperatures.

Tips for choosing to buy soldering iron for inexperienced people

For inexperienced people, choosing to buy solder wire is quite difficult. Visual inspection is not enough to determine the composition of solder tin. If the solder wire has too much lead, the quality will be poorer and unqualified to be used.

where to buy solder wire

The simplest way to choose solder is to take advantage of the melting temperature. When you go shopping, bring a lighter. Use fire to melt a small piece of solder wire. If the molten tin falls into a smooth round grain like an iron ball, when it cools down, it is a standard product to use your hands to keep it from turning black.

As for the case of tin particles, after being cooled, they are lumpy and blackened by hand, the solder wire has too much lead. Using this type of solder will not guarantee production quality.

Where to buy good, cheap tin solder?

Tin solder is not a difficult thing to buy. However, where to buy solder is a good product, cheap is a very difficult problem to answer. This makes many companies and enterprises struggle to find suppliers of quality materials.

Thetech is a unit specializing in providing all kinds of high-quality solder wire products at the most reasonable prices in the market. The company always works with the criterion of bringing the best products to its partners, saying no to adulterated and poor-quality products.

where to buy solder wire

In addition, because of the distribution and import of solder directly from the manufacturer, without intermediaries, TheTech’s price is always very favorable. Therefore, the company has ensured the quality of the product at the lowest price. For wholesale customers, the company offers a very reasonable discount, ensuring customer satisfaction.

In addition to quality and price, Thetech also scores with very attentive customer service. Regardless of any questions or complaints, our staff will answer them in detail for customers to know.

In particular, if you have a need, the company will ship the goods to your place, no need to hire another transport unit. In addition, the staff who are always on duty at our store are always ready to serve and guide enthusiastically for customers.

The above is the general information about solder wire as well as answers to the question of where to buy solder wire that is guaranteed genuine, quality standards. If you have a need to buy solder in bulk, do not hesitate to contact Thetech for advice and a specific quote!

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