Where to buy solder bars? Suggested address to buy genuine, good price solder bar


Tin rod is a material commonly used in the process of welding metal surfaces together. With the increasing demand for solder bars, many customers have difficulty choosing a reputable buying address. So where to buy solder bars to ensure genuine and quality products? Please refer to the article below to find out!

Current application of solder bars 

A solder bar is a kind of soldering material with very high applicability. Usually, solder bars are used in the production and assembly of PCBA electronic components in high-tech industries. It can be used in both wave soldering and dip soldering.

where to buy solder bars

In addition, solder bars are also used in electric welding techniques, soldering the ends of electrical wires and cables connected to equipment. With lead-free solder bars, it can also be used to solder electrical wire.

In addition, solder bars are also used in the jewelry industry, copper plating, copper casting, …

Where to buy genuine solder bars and get good prices? 

With the increasing demand for solder bars, many businesses need to find a unit that sells genuine solder bars at good prices to serve production needs. However, not all units provide quality standard solder bars at a reasonable and affordable price.

where to buy solder bars

If customers still don’t know where to buy solder bars, they can refer to Thetech! This is a reputable solder bar selling address with a full range of different types and brands. With more than 5 years of experience in the profession, Thetech has supplied a large number of products to many businesses, factories, and factories, trusted by many customers for many years.

Currently, Thetech provides solder bars products from the following famous brands:

Electroloy solder bar from Malaysia

Solderindo solder bar from Indonesia

TH comes from Vietnam, researched and produced by Thetech company

where to buy solder bars

When buying at Thetech, you can rest assured that the products are guaranteed of origin, with clear quality inspection documents.

In terms of price, the solder bar products provided by Thetech have a variety of different prices, meeting the budgets of many businesses. The cheapest is the TH solder bar. This type is cheap because it is made in Vietnam, with no customs and import costs. Although cheap, the quality is not inferior to solder bars imported from abroad such as Electroloy or Solderindo.

Benefits received when buying solder bars at Thetech 

When buying solder bar form at Thetech, customers will receive the following benefits:

Dedicated consultant, dedicated care 

The staff at Thetech are professionally and methodically trained, knowledgeable about products, and can advise customers on the types of solder bars that are suitable for their needs. In particular, when there are any questions or problems, they will also assist customers to handle them immediately.

Commitment to return – refund for broken goods, defective goods 

Thetech company will commit to exchange or refund for products that are broken or defective during transportation. When the goods arrive, the customer checks and if this is the case, please call the company’s Hotline number so that the staff can solve it for you right away!

Support packing, shipping to the place 

When customers sign a purchase contract, Thetech will support packaging and delivery to the place as required. Commit that the goods are carefully wrapped, and delivered on time, without delaying the customer’s time.

where to buy solder bars

Many attractive discounts when buying in bulk 

For bulk orders, Thetech will provide attractive discounts for customers for trusting the company. These discounts will be calculated based on the number of products that you order. When closing the order, Thetech staff will report a specific discount to the customer.

Above is the answer to the question of where to buy solder bars. Hopefully, through this article, you have known a reputable address to buy bulk solder bars at a good price.

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