What kind of solder tin should I buy?

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What kind of solder tin should I buy? On the market today, there are many different types of solder tin, making buyers feel confused in choosing. So, the following article will answer this question in detail, helping buyers choose the best solder wire.

How many types of solder are on the market today?

Before going into answering the question of which type of solder tin is best to buy, first, customers need to know how many types of solder are divided.
Currently, solder tin, also known as lead solder, is divided into two main types:
Leaded Solder Wire
Leaded solder is widely used in electrical and electronic soldering techniques. This solder has 2 types of ratio: 63/37 (i.e. 63% tin and 37% lead) and 60/40 (i.e. 60% tin and 40% lead).
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– Leaded solder wire with a 63/37 ratio is a type of solder wire that is easy to melt, for shiny solder joints. This ratio when fusion welding – welding technique does not crack, the metal does not melt) gives Eutectic alloys possessing many special features.
– Leaded solder 60/40 is a type of solder that requires a higher temperature to melt. This type of solder wire gives a less polished weld and when soldering metal it takes a long time to dry the solder marks.
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Lead-free solder wire

Lead-free solder wire is a type of solder with a composition of 96.5% tin, 3% silver, and 0.5% copper. Depending on the conditions of use, the manufacturer can increase or decrease the silver and copper components to create the desired features.

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This type of solder wire is evaluated by experts as having good electrical and thermal conductivity, and better contact with the metals being soldered, making the weld more durable.
Specifically, the conductivity of lead-free solder is equivalent to 11.9% of copper, the bearing capacity, the deformation resistance is 7540 psi, and the tensile strength is 7000 psi. The numbers are enough to prove the superiority of solder wire.
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What kind of solder should I buy?

Which type of solder should I buy is a question that many customers wonder when they need to buy solder wire. Comparing the two types of leaded solder and lead-free solder, you should buy lead-free solder because:
– Lead-free solder wire has more outstanding properties than leaded solder, so when soldering metal using solder not only helps to make the solder stronger.
– Lead-free solder wire does not contain toxic lead, so it is very safe for human health. Therefore, this is known as an alternative to traditional soldering.

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Because of its superior properties, lead-free solder wire has a very high price. If you do not have enough money to buy this type, you can switch to buying leaded solder with the ratio of 63/37 (lead composition is less than 60/40) but the curing time is faster. Depending on your needs and budget, consider it appropriately while still ensuring the best quality of the weld as well as the best health protection.

Above are TheTech’s answers to the question of which type of solder wire to buy. Hope you have gained some useful knowledge through this article. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us for answers! The-tech is committed to bringing you quality products at the most favorable prices on the market.

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