What is solder grease? Which soldering grease is good?

What is solder grease?

Solder grease is a commonly used product in the field of repairing electronic components. If you are learning about what solder grease is and what kind of solder grease is good to choose, Let’s learn about this.

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What is solder grease?

Solder grease is a chemical paste used to create solder paste when combined with solder powder. Normally, solder paste and solder paste are mixed in a 50/50 ratio, and the mixture will be gray in color. Welding grease is used to help join two pieces of metal during the welding process and to protect the weld point from air and other agents such as oxidation and the appearance of air bubbles.

What is solder grease?

Which soldering grease is good?

Many people who want to use solder grease often ask the question, “What type of solder is best?” Currently on the market, there are many different types of welding grease, and depending on the needs of your job, you should choose the most suitable welding grease. You can consult with experts who know about welding grease to choose the right type of solder grease for the best work efficiency. Here are some of the widely used solder greases and their features:

  • Acid Welding Grease: This welding grease is used in welding carbon steel and stainless steel. It has good cleaning ability and helps to solder the circuit quickly, but it needs to be cleaned up after soldering to avoid corrosion.
  • Alkaline Solder Grease: This solder grease is used for aluminum and light metal welding applications. It also has cleaning properties and is considered a safer choice than acid solder grease.
  • Organic Solder Grease: This solder grease is made of organic materials and is used for electronic welding. It effectively reduces UV rays and has good anti-magnetic interference.
  • Welding grease: This type of solder grease is often used to weld small parts and has quite high flexibility. It is commonly used for electronic and computer soldering applications. However, choosing a good soldering grease depends on many factors and should be tested to ensure effectiveness and safety during welding.

Composition of solder grease

The chemical composition of solder greases is complex and can vary depending on the specific grease and its intended use. Solder grease may include the following basic ingredients:

  • Solvent: An inert medium that uses a liquid to combine with active ingredients such as water.
  • Turpentine is a non-volatile compound that can withstand high temperatures.
  • Surfactant: This type of detergent is used to lower the contact angle of the solder grease with the circuit surface, allowing for greater coverage.
  • Activator: A chemical that breaks down or dissolves metal oxides. Usually, it is different acids and possesses corrosive properties.
  • Rheological agents: compounds capable of allowing liquids to exhibit non-Newtonian properties This means that it changes in memory as the pressure changes. They help prevent metal oxides from forming on both filler and base materials and help prevent the granulation of solder consumables to facilitate heating.

What is solder grease?

What is the use of solder grease?

Welding grease has the following main uses:

  • Create solder paste.
  • Acts as a temporary adhesive. The adhesive properties of solder grease help hold components together until the heat during solder melts the solder and the components are bonded together.
  • The solder paste, after being mixed, will be used mainly in the stencil printing process. Solder paste is spread on the stencil according to the pattern required on the printed circuit board.
  • Solder grease needs to have enough stickiness to tightly incorporate components during processing through the production line.
  • The circuit board forming process occurs after being printed, followed by heating and melting.
  • Temperature is an important factor in the melting process with solder grease. To prevent the formation of solder balls, the temperature should be slowly increased, but it should also be high enough to activate the solder grease. Next, it will melt the solder and need to quickly solidify to retain the desired shape.
  • Using solder grease minimizes adverse health effects. The use of solder grease can minimize the negative impact on the health of the user compared to the use of lead compounds or other hazardous substances for soldering.

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Where can you buy quality, cheap solder grease?

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Above The Tech has provided you with information about what solder grease is. We hope you have a clear understanding of this. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us for advice in the most specific way!

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