What is leaded solder paste? Experience choosing to buy quality leaded solder paste


Leaded solder paste is an indispensable material in the process of attaching components and SMDs components to the surface of PBC printed circuit boards. So what exactly is leaded solder paste? How to choose a quality solder paste? Follow along with the article below to get all these questions answered!

What is leaded solder paste?

Lead cream is a mixture of alloy particles and fluxes mixed in a certain proportion. In which, solder alloy powder accounts for 80-90% of solder paste.

As the name suggests, this material is made in the form of smooth cream. This is the identifying feature of leaded solder paste for you to distinguish it from the leaded solder wire and solder bars on the market today.


Because it is made in the form of a solder paste, it will make the process of soldering components simpler and faster. If in the past, when using solder wire in the form of a solder bar, factories had to melt it in a solder pot before using it. Now, solder paste has optimized this step.

In particular, with outstanding wetting ability, lead cream will help components adhere to the printed circuit board surface more easily. From there, for the product to achieve the desired quality.

Classification of leaded solder paste

Leaded solder paste on the market today will be divided into 2 types. These are lead-based solder paste and lead-free solder paste. Each type will have a different composition.

Leaded solder paste

Leaded solder paste is a traditional solder paste with the main components of two metals, tin (Sn) and lead (Pb). However, this type is gradually being replaced by lead-free ones. Because solder paste contains lead, when soldering, it will produce toxic fumes, endangering the health of the welder as well as the user of the product.

Lead-free solder paste 

Lead-free solder paste is the most commonly used type today. Because it ensures the health and safety of the welder as well as the user of the product. In the composition of this solder paste, there will be tin, and replace the lead metal with other metals such as copper and silver. Tin-silver-copper alloy will be mixed in a certain ratio to ensure the most beautiful and durable weld.


Experience choosing to buy quality leaded solder paste

To choose to buy a quality solder paste, you must consider the following 3 factors:

  • Consider the composition of solder paste

Considering the composition of leaded solder paste will help you choose the right solder paste for your company’s needs and budget. 

  • Consider solder flux in solder paste

Solder flux has the effect of reducing surface tension and making the weld more beautiful. However, there are many types of solder fluxes on the market today. According to industry grade, there will be 5 types of flux: R, RMA, RA, NC, and WS. But each type has different efficiency. So, in order not to affect the quality of the weld, you must pay attention to the flux component in the solder paste.

  • Choose a reputable place to buy leaded solder paste

Choosing a reputable place to buy leaded solder paste is a very important thing. By buying at a reputable address, you will be assured that the product received is genuine, of quality standard, and of clear origin. Not to mention, customers who have any questions will also receive more clear and specific advice from the staff.

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Above are the answers to the question of what is lead cream and the experience of choosing to buy quality solder paste. Hope this article has helped people understand more about this form of solder. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Thetech to receive advice from our staff!

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