What are the effects of solder fluxes and solder solvents?

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Solder flux, or solder solvent (also known as flux), is a chemical that ensures the soldering process always produces better-quality solder joints. Please refer to the article below to learn more about the ingredients and the effects of this active ingredient!

Overview of fluxes and soldering solvents

Solder fluxes and solder solvents have the function of cleaning the weld, making it more polished, and creating conditions to help the weld reach the highest quality. Soldering is the main process in electronic assembly, so the performance of the flux greatly affects the quality of the product.

What are solder fluxes and solder solvents?

Flux, or solder solvent, usually has the main component of turpentine or cleaning solvent thanks to its acidity, reducing surface tension and helping to smooth the weld.

Solder flux

Solder fluxes and soldering solvents are mainly produced in the form of water and cream. There are 3 popular types of flux:

  • Alcohol-based flux (alcohol-based, VOC): this type is flammable at room temperature, volatile, and not safe for the environment, so it is not suitable for manual welding.
  • Water-based flux (water-based, VOC-free): this is non-flammable, has no alcohol smell, and has no loss due to low evaporation, making it suitable for spot, dip, and new technology welding.
  • Flux amphoteric (low VOC) has both water- and alcohol-based properties.


Solder fluxes and solder solvents have the following composition:

  • Zinc chloride (ZnCl2, content 8–10%): Helps to remove residue and protect metal surfaces from melting when passing through the oven.
  • Ammonium chloride (NH4Cl, content 18–20%): when combined with ZnCl2, it will create a double salt with the effect of increasing durability and eliminating smoke. At the same time, create a film to protect the metal surface from oxidation.
  • Cleaning enhancer (A, 2.5%): Helps the surface after plating to have a shiny, uniform pattern.
  • Heat-resistance enhancer (B, accounting for 2.5%): Helps to increase the heat resistance when through the kiln, the temperature can withstand up to 340 °C.
  • Water makes up 65% of the composition.

Solder flux

What are the effects of solder fluxes and solder solvents?

Solder flux, or solder solvent, is an indispensable substance in the metal welding process because it brings the following effects:

  • Cleaning: Acidity helps to remove the rust layer on metal surfaces.
  • Anti-oxidation: After degreasing the oil, dip it in a flux solution to avoid oxidation on the surface, keeping the surface as clean as new.
  • Minimize surface tension of joints: flux and soldering solvent create a strong zinc support film, reduce surface tension, increase uniformity, and reduce the maximum amount of zinc slag.
  • When using flux at a high temperature, saving energy, and creating uniform patterns, the alloy after plating has a brighter and more glossy surface.

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Solder flux

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