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Thetech is currently a unit specializing in providing quality solder bars at the best prices in the market. So what is the price of the solder bar here? Follow the article below to find out!

What factors does the price of solder bars depend on? 

The price of solder bars at Thetech currently does not have a specific price, but it depends on the following factors:

Type of solder bar 

Each type of solder bar when manufactured with different ingredients. Therefore, there will also be different prices.

On the market today, solder bars are divided into two popular types: leaded solder bars and lead-free solder bars. Accordingly, unleaded tin bars will have a higher price than leaded solder bars. Because this kind of solder bar is manufactured from benign metals, safe for human health. Moreover, the process of processing lead-free solder bars is also more complicated than that of leaded solder bars.

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If your business, factory, or factory does not have much budget to buy lead-free solder bars, you can still use cheaper leaded solder bars. However, it is necessary to equip workers with safety protective equipment to protect their health.

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Origin: Imported tin bars or domestically produced solder bars? 

Solder bars sold on the market today are imported from abroad. But there are also locally produced ones.

The types imported from abroad will have a much more expensive price. Because when shipping to Vietnam, it is necessary to spend import costs, tariffs, car rental costs, and time and labor to bring the goods to the warehouse and then distribute them to users.

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In contrast, locally produced solder bars will be much cheaper. Because it does not need to pay these fees. But the quality is still equivalent to imported solder bars. However, if you buy domestic tin bars, you need to buy solder bars manufactured by famous brands to ensure you receive the best quality products.

Solder bar supplier 

The supplier of solder bars to the market also partly affects the product price. Because they are the ones who directly import solder bars from manufacturers, calculate the costs themselves and decide the specific prices for each type of solder bar.

Latest updated solder bar price from Thetech 

Thetech is currently the address specializing in providing all kinds of solder bars at the most reasonable and affordable prices in the market. Since the unit imports tin bars products directly from abroad, without intermediaries, it will reduce unnecessary costs and provide customers with quality solder bars products at the best prices.

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In addition, Thetech is also a unit in Vietnam that produces cheap TH solder bars with high-quality standards, meeting the limited budgets of many businesses.

To know the latest price of each type of solder bar, please contact Thetech so that our staff can reply as soon as possible!

Advantages of buying solder bars at Thetech 

Besides providing a variety of solder bars with the best prices in the market, Thetech also possesses the following advantages:

– Dedicated support from experienced staff, ready to answer all questions for customers

– Receive many discounts and incentives when buying in bulk

– Support packing and home delivery with extremely cheap shipping costs

– Commitment to return – refund for defective products, wrong samples, or broken goods in transit.

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Above is the latest solder bar quote update at Thetech for customers to know. If customers have the need to order solder bars in large quantities, please contact Thetech to get advice from our staff and specific quotes for each type!

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