Types of welding machines commonly used today

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A welding machine is an indispensable tool in welding, manufacturing, and mechanical processing. So how many types of welding machines are on the market? Let’s follow the article below to learn about welding machines and the types of welding machines commonly used today!

What is a welding machine?

A welding machine is a specialized machine used to bond and glue two separate materials together. Through the use of one of two factors, heat or pressure, the connection will become stronger and more stable.

Basically, welding machines work in two ways:

  • Method 1: Melt the metal to be welded; at this time, the metal will be in a liquid state. If the metal is turned off, it will condense to form a solid, monolithic weld.
  • Method 2: Both fusion welding and adding welding materials

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Types of popular welding machines on the market

Stick welding machine

Stick welding machines are today known as manual arc welding machines because, in the welding process, all operations are done entirely by hand. The principle of operation of the machine is based on electric fusion welding using an electrode in the form of a welding rod. It will use the heat of the arc between the shielded welding rod (SMAW) and the welding bath.

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This type of machine is suitable for joining welding materials that are mainly metals, such as iron, steel, stainless steel, etc., together through the melting and adhesion of the weld metal and the solder. If it is a non-ferrous metal, do not use a stick welding machine.

Using a stick welding machine brings many outstanding advantages, such as:

  • Can be welded in any position in space.
  • Application on many metals with all welding positions from the largest thickness to the thinnest.
  • The soldering iron cover provides a protective environment that is less affected by the external environment.

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TIG Welding Machine

A TIG welding machine is a type of machine that applies electrode welding technology in an inert gas environment (Argon gas, Helium gas, or an argon- Helium mixture). This electrode is only used to maintain the arc and generate heat to melt the welding material and the external welding rod. Thanks to the protective inert gas, the weld will avoid oxidation and always be shiny and beautiful as new.

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Using a TIG welding machine has the following advantages:

  • Welds on all high-quality metals and alloys such as stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper and copper alloys, nickel and nickel alloys, and low-carbon steels in different thicknesses
  • For high-quality, clean, and beautiful welds without splashing and unsightly
  • Easier to control weld puddle shape and weld penetration.

MIG welding machine

A MIG welding machine is a type of machine that applies metal arc welding in an environment with a shielding gas (Argon or Helium inert gas). In which the molten welding wire becomes the main electrode, which is automatically supplied to the solder.

This type of machine will be added to a wire feeder (inside or outside) to form a weld together with the solidified molten metal.

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The advantages of MIG welding machines are:

  • Can weld almost any metal, including non-ferrous metals and alloy steels such as Al, Ni, Cu,…
  • Fast, continuous welding speed, saving welding materials, and at the same time saving electricity costs.
  • Higher weld quality despite low welding skill requirements
  • Reduce welding fumes and splashes when welding, and save cleaning work.

Spot Welding Machine

A spot welding machine, or short welding machine, is a type of machine that supports material bonding. The principle of operation of the machine is to make the resistance of the current pass through the part to be welded, which will generate heat to melt the metal at the welding position.

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Using a welding press has the following advantages:

  • Precise and highly efficient welding
  • Sealed, beautiful, durable welds
  • Fast welding speed improves productivity.
  • Reduce annoying noises.
  • There is a control system that can be freely changed according to the requirements of the function.

Welding Variation Machine

Welding transformers are machines that are made up of large-diameter copper coils that are individually wound around a magnetic core. The operating principle of welding transformers is based on AC transformers. It is manufactured for the purpose of joining metal devices through the melting and bonding of the solder.

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Using a welding variant has the following advantages:

  • Compact design, easy to operate, use, and take anywhere
  • Powerful machine power, fast welding speed, but still beautiful and solid welds
  • Can weld many different materials and is very safe to use.

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Above is information related to welding machines and the types of welding machines that are commonly used today. We hope everyone will gain more useful knowledge from this article. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact a reputable company that distributes soldering materials and electronic components, Thetech, for answers!

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