Types of electronic boards and things to know

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Electronic boards are now an important component, present in most electronic devices and machines used in the manufacturing industry. So how many types of electronic boards are there? Let’s follow the article below to learn in detail about the most popular electronic boards today!

What is an electronic circuit board?

An electronic circuit board is a component composed of individual electronic elements such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, transistors, diodes, integrated circuits, and microprocessors. These components are interconnected using conductive traces or tracks to perform various functions such as conducting current, amplifying signals, computing, and transmitting data from one point to another.

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The proper functioning of an electronic circuit board heavily depends on the components that comprise it. If any component within the board operates poorly, it will undoubtedly affect the entire system, leading to a significant reduction in the board’s functionality.

In modern times, to create connections within electronic circuit boards, manufacturers utilize the technique of optical lithography on the surface of thin layers known as printed circuit boards (PCBs). Subsequently, electronic components are precisely soldered to the designated interconnections to form the final functional circuit.

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Applications of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)

Below are some common applications of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs):

  • Consumer Electronics: PCBs are used in numerous everyday electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, personal computers, televisions, LED lights, audio equipment, and other household electronic products.
  • Automotive Industry: In the automotive industry, PCBs are utilized in electronic systems such as ignition systems, entertainment systems, engine control units, and safety systems.
  • Medical Devices: In the medical field, PCBs are used in medical diagnostic equipment such as X-ray machines, MRI scanners, health monitoring devices, and mobile medical devices.
  • Electronics Industry: PCBs find application in various industrial equipment and machinery like industrial computers, industrial robots, 3D printers, and industrial automation systems.
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications: In the telecommunications and computer network sectors, PCBs are used in devices like routers, switches, modems, and other network equipment.
  • Smart Home Electronics: With the advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT), PCBs have become crucial components in smart home electronic devices, including smart home controllers, sensors, and other IoT products.
  • Aerospace and Space Industry: PCBs are employed in electronic devices for aircraft, spacecraft, and space systems.

From consumer electronics to heavy industries, printed circuit boards play a significant role in ensuring the precise and efficient functioning of electronic devices.

Types of electronic circuits today

After learning about the structure and function of electronic boards, in the following section, we will introduce the types of electronic boards commonly used today.

Amplifier circuit

An amplifier circuit is an electronic circuit with the function of amplifying the signal. It accepts the input signal with a low power level and a large dome and produces a large power output. You can easily see the types of circuits appearing in devices such as amplifiers, audio equipment, radios, televisions, etc.

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The amplification circuit can be divided into three types as follows:

  • Current Amplification Circuit: At the input, it receives a weak current, and at the output, it provides a much stronger current compared to the initial input current.
  • Voltage Amplification Circuit: When a small amplitude current is input, it will produce an output current with a much larger amplitude. This type is commonly used in transformer and voltage stabilizer devices.
  • Power Amplification Circuit: This circuit combines both current and voltage amplification. Its function is to take a weak power signal at the input and produce a much stronger power signal at the output.

These different types of amplification circuits serve various purposes and are crucial components in electronic devices and systems.

Power circuit (rectifier, filter, voltage stabilizer)

The source circuit is also known as the rectifier, filter, and voltage stabilizer circuit. The effect of the circuit is to convert alternating current into direct current. Or it also has an adjustment function to stabilize the current, avoiding overload and damage to machinery and equipment.

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There are two types of rectifiers in the rectifier circuit: half-cycle and full-cycle rectifiers.

  • Half-cycle rectifier: allows current to pass through a half-cycle load
  • A full-cycle rectifier circuit allows current to pass through the load in both cycles.

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Pulse generator circuit

A pulse generator circuit is a board used to combine electronic components to convert direct current energy into electrical energy with pulses and frequencies as required. The pulse generator circuit is widely used in precision pulse generators, pulse generators, pulse width modulation (PWM), pulse position modulation (PPM), or infrared transceivers.

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Sine wave generator circuit

A sine wave generator circuit is a type of circuit that specializes in generating standard sine signals in amplitude and frequency. It is often used as a signal source to check the characteristics of components, amplifier circuits, and other electronic devices. Besides, the cone sine signal is used as a modulated carrier in radio transceiver technology.

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Above is information related to electronic boards and the types of electronic boards commonly used today. We hope this article has provided useful knowledge for everyone. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the company specializing in distributing all kinds of soldering materials and reputable electronic components, Thetech, to receive the fastest answer!

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