Solder wire with solder flux: Features, uses and where to buy genuine


Solder wire integrated flux is a material used a lot in the welding process after being improved. So what are the advantages of this material that is used so much? Follow the article below to get this question answered!

Learn about solder wire with integrated flux 

What is solder wire with integrated flux? 

Solder wire integrated flux is an alloy of tin with some other metals such as lead, silver, and copper. Unlike other types of solder wire on the market, the surface of this solder wire is covered by a layer of flux that works to create iridescence and shine for the lead thread. This can be seen with the naked eye.

The flux in solder wire acts as a catalyst, making the soldering process easier. When heated, turpentine will decompose into an acidic substance that has bleaching properties on the surface to be welded.

In addition, the solder flux also reduces the tension of the solder wire surface, helping the solder stick to the surface smoother. In addition, the solder flux also helps the tin become more wet, more firmly adhered to the solder wire surface, helping the solder wire to isolate from the surrounding environment such as temperature, oxygen, humidity, etc.

solder wire with integrated solder flux

With so many uses as above, solder wire integrated with solder flux has become an extremely important material, used in soldering components of many businesses.

Characteristics of solder wire products with integrated solder flux 

The solder wire integrated with the solder flux possesses a number of preeminent properties as follows:

No smoke, small splash, bright and smooth weld surface

Non-corrosive, high insulation, clean welds

Good moisture, resistant to oxidation from the environment

Fast melting rate (from 90 degrees Celsius is already melted) and good fluidity

How to use solder wire with integrated flux 

The use of solder wire with solder flux is still the same as that of solder tins on the market. That is, melt it in a soldering pot at the appropriate temperature and then use it.

In the event that the solder wire layer wrapped in solder wire is not enough, pure turpentine – in solid, light yellow form – is used to strengthen the bleach. During the welding process, flux should be contained in the box to avoid breakage.

Where to buy solder wire with genuine soldering aids, quality standards, good prices 

On the market today, there are many units that provide solder wire with integrated solder flux. But not everywhere offers quality products at reasonable prices. For many businesses that need to buy a large amount of solder wire with solder flux it is extremely important to find a reputable solder wire shop.

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solder wire with integrated solder flux

The above is information related to solder wire with integrated solder flux used in solder wire electronic components. Hopefully, through this article, you have learned more about the superior properties of this material. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Thetech for specific answers!

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