Solder paste and things to know


Solder paste is an indispensable product to create solder paste. So what are the properties of solder paste? Which unit provides genuine this type of product with the best price in the market? Follow the article below to find out!

Learn about solder paste

What is solder paste?

Solder paste tin is a type of solder paste made from ultra-fine Tin and Lead metal particles and packaged in powder form. This material along with solder paste grease when mixed in a certain ratio will create solder paste. This is the material used to bond two metal surfaces together.

Solder paste

Solder powder comes in a variety of grades and grain sizes to meet the needs of different industrial uses. Powders that differ in particle size will have different physical properties, resulting in differences in the welding process and production yield.

In fact, the powder composition in solder will affect all phases of surface assembly. From the stability, to the printability of the glue to the quality of the final fillet.

Features of Solder paste

Quality standard cream powder solder paste must possess the following characteristics:

Looking at the surface of the powder, it is dry and clean, silver gray in color

When tested for function, showed good oxidation and flow properties

The powder density is high, close to the theoretical density of the alloy, and there are no internal voids or outer satellites.

In addition, small changes in the composition and level of impurities in the solder powder can affect the wetting properties of the solder paste. Such as oxidation properties, melting point, flow in the joint and strength in the joint. The ideal solder paste composition will have a tight tolerance to the alloy composition.

Application of Tin solder paste

Solder paste is an important component of solder paste, accounting for 90% of its mass. Powder quality has a significant influence on welding performance and product quality after processing.

Solder paste, after being mixed from Tin and solder paste, will be applied in the electrical/electronic field. Especially used in microchips in the field of high technology, electronics and telecommunications and microchips in the field of spaceships.

Solder paste

How much does solder paste cost?

Compared with solder bars, solder wire, solder paste has a much higher price. Walking around the market, you can see that the price of solder paste ranges from 50,000 VND or more. This price will depend on the brand, volume and timing of the rise/fall of the metals market. So, to know the most accurate price, please contact the supplier for a detailed quote!

The best place to buy Tin solder paste with the best price in the market

On the market today, there are many addresses that provide Tin solder paste, making it difficult for customers to choose a reputable place to buy. Understanding this, Thetech is now the base to supply a large number of genuine solder paste tin from famous brands in the market. We import products directly from the manufacturer, without intermediaries or 3rd parties, so you can rest assured to enjoy the most favorable and competitive prices.

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Above is the information related to Tin solder paste and genuine, reputable buying address in the market. Hopefully through this article, you have learned more about this material. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Thetech for answers!

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