Solder bars: Classification, storage, genuine purchase address


Besides solder paste and solder wire form, solder bar form is also commonly used today. So what is a solder bar? There are many types, how to preserve? And where to buy to get the best price? Please refer to the article below to find out!

What is bar solder?

Solder bar rod is an alloy used to bond the surface of metals together. Unlike solder paste, and solder wire, the solder bar is refined in the form of oblong rectangular bars.

The melting point of the solder bar is about 180 to 190 degrees Celsius. The composition of the solder bar is mainly a mixture of tin and lead. However, some are only pure tin and mixed with other metals such as silver and copper.

The solder bar will be melted in the solder pot. You just need to spread the solution on the part and the component to be soldered.

solder bar

How many types of tin bars are there today?

Solder bars are now divided into two types: leaded solder bars and lead-free solder bars.

Leaded Solder bar

The main ingredients of leaded tin bars are tin and lead, mixed in different proportions. Based on the mixing ratio, tin bars with lead are divided into 2 types:

Tin bar 63/37 with the rate of 63% Tin and 37% Lead: The percentage of solder in this type is the standard ratio, easy to flow, for beautiful shiny solder joints.

Tin bar 60/40 with a ratio of 60% Tin and 40% Lead: This type is less commonly used because it needs a higher temperature to melt, and the solder joint is not as polished as the above type.

Lead-free solder bar

Lead-free solder bars, as the name suggests, do not contain lead, but instead metals such as silver and copper. The composition ratio of this type is 96.5% Tin, 3% Copper, and 0.5% Silver.

Because lead is a dangerous element to human health, lead-free solder bars are becoming more and more popular. This is a non-toxic alloy that does not affect the health of the user as well as the welder. Therefore, this kind of tin bar is used mostly in high-tech products.

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How to properly store solder bars?

Solder bar has no shelf life but must be stored and handled properly in order for them to promote their inherent properties. When buying solder bars, you should store solder bars in a dry, non-humid environment to minimize oxidation and corrosion on the surface.

If you see the surface of the solder bar lose its luster and appear a light yellow color, this can be considered a normal phenomenon. Does not affect the function and performance of the product.

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