Solder bar 63/37: Genuine, reputable, good price selling address 


Solder bar 63/37 is a product widely used in the electronics industry and other industries. Let’s learn more about this type of solder bar in the article below!

What is solder bar 63/37? 

Solder bar 63/37 is a product designed in the form of a long cylindrical bar, silver gray in color. Which, the number 63/37 indicates the proportion of components between Tin and Lead metals in the product. Specifically, 63% Tin (Sn) and 37% Lead (Pb).

tin bar 63/37

63/37 solder bar is manufactured with high purity. The production process has removed all impurities, enhanced oxidation resistance, reduced slag, and reduce unnecessary waste consumption into the environment.

Thanks to the solder bar design, the product is easy to put into the dip welding tank. Leaded solder bars 63/37 are mainly used in connecting DIP components to electronic circuits.

Outstanding advantages of solder bar 63/37

Solder bar 63/37 possesses some outstanding advantages as follows

Low melting point, no damage to the weld 

Solder bar 63/37 is the standard solder bar ratio with a melting point of 183 degrees Celsius. The lowest of all tin/lead alloys. Due to its low melting point, it is easy to melt and when soldered, it will not affect the components to be soldered.

The slow setting, easy to wipe the outside of the coupling 

Because solder bar 63/37 contains a certain amount of leaded when soldering will make the alloy solidify more slowly. Therefore, while waiting for the weld to be solid and stable, you can wipe away the excess outside the joint to make the weld more beautiful.

tin bar 63/37

The weld is smooth, durable, and won’t oxidize for a long time.

The ratio of 63% Tin and 37% Lead in solder bars is an optimal ratio to create a smooth, durable solder bar joint. And for a long time does not oxidize.

Buy solder bar 63/37 should choose from which brand? 

On the market today, there are many brands that produce 63/37 solder bars. But the best quality is the Electroloy brand of solder bars from Malaysia and the Solderindo brand of solder bars from Indonesia. Which, TH also researched and produced tin solder bars in Vietnam under its own brand.

The solder bar products from these 3 brands are strictly quality controlled according to International Standard J-STD-006C, which has been adopted by many enterprises and enterprises, factories nationwide to give priority to using.

So, if you want to buy solder bar 63/37 but don’t know which brand to buy, you can choose these 3 brands!

Address selling solder bars 63/37 in bulk, genuine, quality 

Thetech is currently the exclusive distributor of solder bars from two major brands, Electroloy – Malaysia, Solderindo – Indonesia, and TH – Vietnam. Therefore, if you need to buy 63/37 solder bars in bulk, genuine standards at the best prices in the market, come to Thetech!

tin bar 63/37

All solder bar products on our side have quality inspection certificates, and clear certificates of origin so that customers can rest assured to buy and use the products.

Moreover, because it is an exclusive distributor & self-producer, without intermediaries, the price of solder at Thetech is always guaranteed to be the cheapest in the market. Not to mention, if customers buy in bulk, they also enjoy extremely attractive incentives and discounts from us.

Besides supplying soldering products, Thetech also provides a variety of other materials used in soldering ICs, electronic components such as splicing tape & SMT auxiliary materials, electronic tape, soldering aids, electronic cleaning chemicals, electronic board coatings,…

Above is information related to the 63/37 solder bar and suggests reputable addresses to buy this product. Hopefully, through the article, you have gained more understanding about 63/37 bar solder. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Thetech to receive dedicated advice from our staff!

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