Should cheap solder bars be used or not?


With the increasing demand for solder bars in electronic production and assembly, businesses are always looking for cheap solder bars to save costs. So should I use a cheap solder bar or not? Follow the article below to find out!

Overview of solder bars 

Identifying characteristics 

A solder bar is a form of solder tin material produced in a solid state, poured into a long cylindrical mold. The solder bar is silver gray, and on the surface can be the product code or detail of the percentage of metal components for easy identification by users.

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Regarding the composition, a solder bar is a material made from 2 or more metals. Which, metal Tin (Sn) is the main component in the compound, accounting for 70-90% of the product weight. The rest are some other metals with very small percentages such as Lead (Pb), Copper (Cu), Silver (Ag), Nickel (Ni), Germanium (Ge), and Bismuth (Bi),…


Solder bars are classified into two main types: Leaded solder bars and lead-free solder bars. The only difference between these two types lies in their composition.

Solder bars with lead: In the composition, there is a small amount of lead element combined with tin metal in the ratio of 63/37 (63% Tin and 37% Lead) or 60/40 (60% Tin and 40% Lead). )

Lead-free solder bars: Lead metal will be replaced by some other metals such as silver, and copper, … mixed based on a certain ratio.

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Solder bar today has a very high application. The material can be used in both wave soldering and dip soldering when assembling electronic components. Besides, it can be used to solder wires and cables connected to devices. In addition, solder bars can also be used in the jewelry industry, copper plating, copper casting, …

Use cheap solder bars – Should or not? 

The quality of the solder bar will directly affect the beauty of the weld, whether it is durable or not. Therefore, in the welding process, businesses always prioritize the use of top-quality solder bars at the most expensive prices.

However, a small business, enterprise, or factory that does not have much money often looks for cheap solder bars to save costs. So cheap solder bar has quality assurance or not?

cheap solder bar

Hearing the word cheap goods, people will probably think of fake and poor-quality products. However, that is only part of it. Because of the fact today, there are still many types of cheap solder bars but still ensure very good soldering quality, not inferior to the high-priced tin bars.

The reason there are cheap solder bars is that they are produced in the country, without the cost of customs, import, and transportation to the warehouse. However, to be safe and sure, you should choose cheap branded solder bars. The supplier of this tin must present full quality control documents, composition analysis, and other relevant documents. Thus, it will help you feel more secure when using cheap solder bars.

TH – The cheapest brand of solder bars on the market today 

If customers want to buy cheap tin bars but don’t know which brand of solder bars to choose, you can refer to TH solder bars! This is a solder bar manufactured in Vietnam by TH Electronic Technology Co., Ltd (abbreviated Thetech Co., LTD) responsible for production. This company has more than 8 years of experience in the profession and has a certain reputation in the market.

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TH solder bar products manufactured by Thetech all comply with strict IPC processes, meet European RoHS safety standards and ensure to bring customers low-cost, high-quality products.

Above are specific answers to the question of whether cheap solder bars should be used or not. Hopefully, through this article, you have got the correct answer. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Thetech for advice and support!

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