Pure solder bars: Outstanding properties, applications, and reputable places to buy 


Pure solder bar is a kind of solder bar commonly used today. Let’s find out in detail about the composition, properties, and applications of this solder bar in the article below!

Overview of pure solder bar products 

What is the pure solder bar? 

The pure solder bar is a kind of solder tin product in its composition, the tin (Sn) content accounts for a high proportion, ranging from 99.75% – 99.95% by weight of the composition. The remaining percentage is the content of impurities of other metals such as Bi, Fe, Cu, S, As, and Sb.

pure solder bar

Pure solder bars are also produced as solid, long cylindrical bars. Externally, the bar has a silver luster, and a smooth surface, and is difficult to oxidize by the environment thanks to its high tin content.

The melting point of the pure solder bar is in the range of 210 degrees Celsius to 220 degrees Celsius. Much higher than the standard 63/37 solder bar that melts at 183 degrees Celsius.

Outstanding properties of pure solder bar 

Pure solder bars possess the following outstanding properties:

High resistance to environmental influences, not easy to oxidize, corrode

The dense oxide layer makes it resistant to many harmful substances and chemicals

Lead-free, non-toxic, and safe for human health

Good penetration of small diameter holes, uniform coating thickness, and smooth, bright finish, non-corrosive to copper

Application of pure solder bar 

Pure solder bar is mainly used in soldering electronic circuits where the solder requires the solder to have the highest purity. In addition, this type of tin rod is also used to correct the composition of the solder surface in wave soldering machines to minimize impurities related to the soldering process.

pure solder bar

In addition, the product is also applied in copper plating, copper casting, the jewelry industry, the electronic industry, maintenance, and repair, …

How much is the current price of a pure solder bar? 

How much is the pure solder bar today is a question that receives a lot of attention from customers.

According to a survey from the market, a pure solder bar does not have a specific price, but it depends on the supplier and the manufacturer of the solder bar. Not to mention, if you buy in bulk, you will enjoy even more attractive discounts. So, to know the specific price of the pure solder bar, you should contact the place of purchase to receive a detailed quote!

Where to buy genuine, quality standard solder bars? 

Pure solder bar is increasingly popular not only in soldering electronic components but also in many different industries. With the increasing demand for this product, many suppliers of this product were born. However, choosing a reputable supplier with a good price is not easy.

pure solder bar

Currently, Thetech is a distributor and supplier of genuine and quality solder bars from many famous global brands such as Electroloy of Malaysia, and Solderindo of Indonesia,…

All of our tin bar products have a full range of certificates of origin, and quality control, helping customers feel more secure when buying with us.

In addition, Thetech is also committed to bringing the best quality of service to customers when ordering here. From listening, and advising on suitable products to quality management, packaging, and shipping, all of Thetech’s staff are professionally, carefully, and thoughtfully done. In particular, for defective goods, and broken goods during transportation, we will also offer solutions such as exchange or refund immediately for customers.

Above is information related to the pure solder bar. Hopefully, through this article, you have gained more understanding about this type of solder bar. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Thetech immediately to receive answers!

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