Machinery components and specific classifications

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Machinery components play an important role in the operation of industrial machinery and equipment. So what types of machinery components are there? Follow the article below to find out! 

What are machinery components?

Machinery components are the smaller parts or pieces that make up a larger machine or machinery system. They are essential and necessary elements to create an efficient functioning machine.

Machinery components can include mechanical parts such as screws, bolts, gears, pulleys, shafts, bearings, and electronic parts such as printed circuit boards, microchips, processors, resistors, capacitors, and semiconductor components. Additionally, there are other components like pipes, valves, pumps, sensors, motors, compressors, and various parts used in different applications and industries.

Machinery components are designed and manufactured for specific purposes and have their own individual operating characteristics. When combined together, they form various machines or devices to perform specific functions in diverse fields such as industrial, agricultural, medical, electronics, transportation, and many others.

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Classification of machinery components

Active components

An active machinery component is a component that relies on a source of energy (a power source) and is capable of injecting electricity into an electrical circuit.

Some types of active components commonly used today are:

  • Electronic vacuum lamp: microwave lamp, photoelectric lamp, photomultiplier lamp, etc.
  • Optoelectronics, display: Neon, CRT, plasma screen, etc.
  • Semiconductor components: integrated circuit, Transistor, Diode,…

Passive components

Passive components are the opposite of active components. This type is not capable of emitting energy into the circuits. Unless it is connected to AC circuits, energy will flow into the circuit. Most components with two connectors (2-terminal components) are passive components.

Some common types of passive components you need to know today are:

  • Resistance
  • Capacitors
  • Electromagnetic induction
  • Memory resistor
  • Sensors
  • Antenna

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Electromechanical components

Electromechanical components are electrical components that are mechanically linked to circuits, such as quartz and switches. The common types of electromechanical components today are:

  • Fuse Protection
  • Switches
  • Connector
  • Piezoelectric ceramic element

Some important components of machinery you need to know


A resistor is a passive electronic component; in an electrical circuit, the resistor symbol is R. The characteristic of the resistor is that it has a fixed impedance that is not changed by temperature or voltage.

This component has two junction contacts that perform the function of adjusting the signal level and limiting the amperage in the circuit. Besides, the resistor also has the function of dividing voltage, activating active electronic components. In addition, large-capacity resistors also have the additional effect of dissipating electrical energy and converting it to heat.

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Capacitors are also in the passive device category, like resistors. The structure of the capacitor consists of two poles placed parallel to each other, separated by a dielectric layer. When there is a potential difference between two surfaces, there will be an electric charge of the same amount but of the opposite sign between them.


A diode-haty Diode is a type of semiconductor electronic device that is characterized by allowing current to flow in one direction while preventing it from flowing in the opposite direction. The diode is used as a circuit that converts alternating current to direct current, or people use it to control the current at will.

IC: Microchip

ICs are also known as microchips or integrated circuits. It is a collection of electrical circuits containing semiconductors and passive components. Then all these components will be connected together to perform a specific function.


An inductor is a passive electronic component that is composed of an electrical conductor with many turns around it. The effect of the loop is to create a magnetic field when an electric current flows through it.

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A transistor is an active semi-conductor electronic device that is responsible for amplification or electronic locking. This is an indispensable component in the circuit structure of electronic computers and many other electronic devices.

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Above is an introduction to machinery components and the types of machinery components today. We hope this article has provided useful information for everyone. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact a reputable company that distributes soldering materials and electronic components, Thetech, to receive detailed answers!

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