Leaded and lead-free solder bar – Which should be used?


Welding rod is an alloy that plays a huge role in today’s heavy industry. When classifying solder bars, people usually divide solder rods into two types: leaded solder and lead-free solder bars. So what is leaded and lead-free solder bar? Which type should I use? Please refer to the following article to get the answer to this problem!

Solder bar overview

Solder bars are alloys of tin combined with smaller amounts of other metals. The solder bar alloy has a low melting point. The heat level only ranges from 90 to 450 degrees Celsius, and the solder bar has melted. Therefore, people often take advantage of the melting temperature to turn them into a solution to create joints between metal pieces. Depending on the purpose of use, the composition of the welding rod will change.

leaded and lead-free solder bar

Leaded and lead-free solder bar

Leaded and lead-free solder bars are the two main types of solder bars that are well-known to many people. However, the specific composition of these types and their characteristics are still not well understood. Here is all the information regarding the two types of solder bars.

General information 

When classifying solder bars by composition, people will divide them into two groups: leaded and lead-free solder bars. Which, solder bar has lead and tin content usually about 5-70%. The higher the tin content, the higher the tensile and deformation stresses of the solder bar will be. The current trend is to prioritize the use of lead-free solder bars. This is because lead is very toxic. Even a very small amount of lead can have serious effects on human health. It can even be fatal if lead poisoning is severe.

Leaded and Lead-Free Solder bar – Which Solder bar Should I Use?

As mentioned, the solder bar incorporates flux for dipping in a solder pot or solder wave machine. However, people still tend to use lead-free. However, in necessary cases, a lead solder bar must still be used. Because lead helps the tin alloy to solidify more slowly. During that time, the outside of the joint can be wiped clean to ensure the impermeability of the alloy.

leaded and lead-free solder bar

To solve the problem of ensuring the solidification of the alloy while ensuring safety for health, people have researched new types of alloys. Accordingly, tin alloy with the addition of copper or silver was born.

A lead-free solder bar is a safe alloy for public health. They are gradually gaining the upper hand in the field of high-tech manufacturing. This can be considered a new step in industrial reform. In addition to the mandatory cases that cannot be changed, a leaded solder bar is used. In summary, if you are following the trend of sustainable development, then a lead-free solder bar is the best choice.

Where can I buy leaded and lead-free solder bars? 

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leaded and lead-free solder bar

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Above is an overview of lead and lead solder bars. Hopefully, this article has brought you the most basic knowledge about these two types of solder bar. If you have a need to buy solder bar with a variety of models, don’t forget to contact Thetech for advice and specific quotes!

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