Lead-free solder bar: Composition, properties, use, and storage 


The current trend of using solder bars is gradually shifting to lead-free solder bars. Let’s find out in detail about the composition, characteristics, usage, and preservation of solder bars in the article below!

Learn about lead-free solder bar ingots 

A lead-free solder bar is a solder bar produced in the form of a long, solid cylindrical bar with a shiny silver-gray color. A special feature is that the composition of this tin bar does not contain lead metal which is toxic to human health.

Detailed ingredients 

The lead-free solder bar is composed of Tin (Sn) metal and alloys of other metals such as silver (Ag), copper (Cu), Bi, Ni, Ge… They are mixed according to the ratio that the metal Tin type will account for 90-95% of the composition.

lead-free solder bar

Currently, the composition of lead-free solder bar ingots is mainly from 3 metals: Tin, Silver, and Copper with the ratio Sn96.5%Ag3%Cu0.50.


Lead-free solder bars have a melting point of 227 degrees Celsius. Higher than leaded solder bar. Normally solder only has a melting point of about 183 degrees Celsius.

This product has a bright soldering point and good oxidation resistance. Welds are durable, glossy, and beautiful.


Lead-free solder bar for tin furnace, dip solder bath suitable for spot welding for oil pipelines, water pipes, soldering electronic components, etc. This solder bar is also suitable for wave soldering (wave soldering) and DIP (dip soldering).

Method of preservation /

Solder bar rods have no shelf life if handled and stored properly. When you purchase this product, you must store it in a dry and non-corrosive environment. To minimize oxidation when leaving the solder bar outdoors, ensure that the packaging is not damaged.

lead-free solder bar

It is possible that during use, the solder surface loses its luster and appears pale yellow. This is considered a normal phenomenon and does not affect the quality, functionality, and performance of the product.

What is the current price of a lead-free solder bar?

A lead-free solder bar has no specific price. It depends on the weight of the bar, the percentage of metal components in the product, and the brand of manufacture.

Not to mention, each supplier will offer different welding rod prices depending on the product quality level of the manufacturer and depending on the increase/decrease in the price of the world metal market. If you buy a lot, buying in bulk will definitely get an extra percentage discount based on the number of products ordered.

Therefore, to know the exact price of lead solder, you should contact the supplier to receive a specific quote!

Prestigious and quality lead-free solder bar ingot supplier in the market /

The growing demand for lead-free solder bar ingots has led to many suppliers of this product being born. Choosing a reputable soldering iron supplier with a good price is not an easy thing.

lead-free solder bar

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Above is information related to lead-free solder bars & leaded solder bar. Hopefully, through this article, you have learned more about this type of welding material. If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Thetech for answers!

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