INVENTEC leaded solder paste 500gr: Ingredients, instructions for use, and storage


INVENTEC leaded solder paste 500gr is a soldering leaded solder paste product that receives a lot of attention from people today. Let’s learn in detail about the composition, instructions for use, and how to preserve this lead cream in the article below!

Learn about mechanic leaded solder paste 500g 

INVENTEC leaded solder paste 500gr, also known as Inventec ECOREL 803M solder paste is a leaded solder paste originating from France, researched and produced by the INVENTEC brand.

This solder paste is packaged in a plastic box weighing 500g. It is often used for soldering, gluing, and repairing components on electronic circuit boards. In particular, in the production line of SMT technology, 500gr INVENTEC solder paste supports mesh printing on the printed circuit board surface, making SMD components more durable.


In terms of composition, INVENTEC 500gr leaded solder paste is made up of a mixture of solder powder, flux, and other additives. In particular, the solder powder mixture will include 2 metals, Tin (Sn) and Lead (Pb) with a ratio of 63% Sn and 37% Pb. The flux used in leaded solder paste belongs to the group “L0 F-SW 32 113”. This mixture melts at 183 degrees Celsius.

INVENTEC Leaded solder paste 500gr

At normal temperature, INVENTEC 500gr solder paste has a certain viscosity. So when gluing electronic components to the circuit board can stick to the predetermined position.

At soldering temperature, with the evaporation of solvents and additives, INVENTEC 500gr solder paste works to permanently connect the component to be soldered to the printed circuit board.

User manual 

Instructions for properly using INVENTEC 500gr solder leaded solder paste:

  1. Before opening the lid, the temperature of INVENTEC leaded solder paste should be raised slowly to room temperature (25ºC) for about 3-4 hours. Heaters and dryers must not be used to accelerate this process.
  2. Once the solder paste is opened, it should be used within 24 hours at room temperature. If used sparingly, take a small amount and store it at a temperature of 1~10ºC.
  3. When left in the air for a long time, INVENTEC solder paste will become tin mass due to hygroscopicity.
  4. Indoor temperature should be controlled at 22-28ºC, and RH30-60% humidity is the best working environment.
  5. To clean the base coat, it is recommended to use industrial alcohol or industrial cleaners.

Methods of preservation

How to properly store INVENTEC 500gr leaded solder paste as follows:

  1. INVENTEC solder must be kept at 1~10ºC.
  2. Solder paste should be used within 12 months from the date of opening.
  3. Do not put solder paste in the sun.

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INVENTEC Leaded solder paste 500gr

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