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INDO solder wire is a product manufactured with quality technology. So it is not surprising that INDO tin is popular. The following article will introduce to everyone the best solder wire from INDONESIA, helping customers have more choices.

Basic information about solder wire 

Solder wire is an alloy of tin metal with a low melting point. They are used in surface bonding between metal bars. Solder wire alloys on the market today usually have a tin content of 5-70% by weight. The higher the tin ratio, the higher the tensile and strain stresses of solder wire. Depending on the purpose of use, people will have different methods of choosing solder wire.

In the past, solder wire components often contained lead or flux fluxes. However, for health reasons, currently lead-free solder is still preferred. And Indo soldering iron is often bought by people because of its good quality and affordable price.

Indo solder wire

The best INDO solder wire today 

Here are the most popular types of Indo solder on the Vietnamese market today.

Solder wire lead-free solder SI100C 

This lead-free solder wire has a 0.6mm product line with a weight of 1kg that sells very well. Lead-free ingredients make it safe for human health.

With the ratio of tin: copper = 10: 7, SI100C gives higher oxidation resistance than other solder lines. Besides, this type of solder wire produces very beautiful, shiny solder joints. In particular, in welding details that need meticulousness, this type of solder is very suitable for use.

In addition, the price fluctuates depending on when the price of the world metal market increases or decreases for a 1kg solder wire, which also helps SI100C be bought more. With the quality it brings, such a price is too good and economical.

Indo solder wire

Solder wire with solder flux – Solder 

INDO solder wire is always on the list of most searched solder wire in recent years. This is an indispensable thing in connecting electronic components at the mechanical workshop.

With the flux component is turpentine, this solder wire has good heat resistance and dispersion. The turpentine inside helps the solder wire bond better with the component.

INDO – Solder wire coil weighing 1kg has a wire diameter of 1mm. Its selling price is from 560,000 VND to 690,000 VND (depending on when the market price increases/decreases). Therefore, INDO products are distributed by TH at a quite reasonable price.

Tin solder 3% silver SAC305W 

This type of silver-containing solder wire is used a lot in the electronics industry during copper wire soldering. Its advantages are low melting point, high moisture content, low flux residue. In addition, the weld is extremely durable and environmentally friendly.

Not only that, the soldering iron SAC305W also reduces the consumption of the solder wire of the automatic machine. As a result, production costs are significantly reduced.

SAC305W solder wire has a variety of diameters to choose from: 0.38, 0.5, 0.6 ,0.8, 1.0, 1.2 and 1.6mm. Weight 1kg. This type is sold in boxes of 10 rolls or individually, the price of this item is higher than other types because it has 3% silver.

Indo solder wire

Address to supply genuine Indo solder wire 

Thetech is a supplier of genuine quality solder wire with all lines of solder wire around the world. If you want to buy INDO solder wire, Thetech is the right choice.

Our company specializes in providing genuine products and often organizes discounts and high discounts for wholesale customers. So you can rest assured that the products you buy have the most competitive prices in the market. At the same time, we will also support delivery to the place if the customer requests.

Above is information about INDO solder wire – the current best selling solder wire product line. If you want to know more information, please contact Thetech for advice and quotation!

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