How much does solder wire cost?

How much does solder wire cost?
How much does solder wire cost? This is a question that many customers always want to find the answer to. Because today, solder wire has a big role in the electronics industry. Let’s find out with the article below right now!

Components of solder wire

Solder wire is an alloy made by humans, and has a relatively low melting point of only 90-450 degrees Celsius. They are often used to weld and bond different metal surfaces. In the past, the lead compound in solder wire was quite high, but now that technology has developed, leaded solder wire is no longer.
How much does solder wire cost?
In solder wire includes some metals such as Tin, Lead, and some quality solder also includes Silver and Copper. Solder tin will easily melt even at low heat, this is a characteristic that few alloys have. Because in the tin core, there is flux liquid flux, depending on the type, there will be 1 or more cores. So in the welding process, we don’t need any more solder flux.

The function of solder wire

In fact, lead is an element that is quite toxic to humans when exposed to a lot. Therefore, many types of solder wire currently contain lead, which can be harmful to human health. When exposed to lead, many organs of the body can be poisoned, causing many unpredictable consequences later. Therefore, we must not use lead solder in water pipes, only used mainly in the electronics industry.
How much does solder wire cost?
At present, many companies producing tin-solder have produced solder wire not only, mainly Sn, Ag, and Cu to avoid causing negative effects on users. However, there are a few notes when using that, before using solder wire, workers need to take safety measures. Only in this way can unfortunate risks be avoided.

Classification of solder wire

Tin solder is usually divided into 2 main types: lead-free and leaded, each type will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Each type is also divided into many other sub-categories. Find out below!
Solder wire: Another name is leaded solder wire. It is mainly used in the field of electronics. This solder wire is often used with a soldering iron to create a solder joint, maintaining the properties of the metal. Tin solder wire also has 2 types: One contains lead with the ratio of 63(Sn)/37(Pb) or 60(Sn)/40(Pb); The second is lead-free but has other substances such as Silver, Copper, and Tin.

How much does solder wire cost?
Solder bar: There are also 2 types, one is lead-free and one contains lead. The solder bar is usually triangular or is a flat bar that is easy to use. This type has some outstanding features such as smooth, bright welds, no small cracks, reduced copper erosion, etc.
How much does solder wire cost?

What is the price of a tin solder wire?

Usually, the price of a tin roll ranges from 30,000 to 900,000 depending on the brand and the length of the tin wire will have different prices.

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