138°C solder paste: Composition, features, and usage


138°C solder paste is a type of solder paste that is very commonly used today. So, specifically, what is the composition of this solder paste, and how is it used? Follow the article below to get the answer!

Learn about solder tin 138°C

138°C solder paste is a lead-free form of solder with a definite melting point of 138°C Celsius. With such a low melting temperature, this solder is mainly used for professional maintenance and soldering of electrical equipment, professional control panels, and PC board assemblies.

solder paste 138 degrees

Besides, this clean lead-free solder paste can also be applied to household electrical products, including portable electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets, computer motherboards, consumer electronic products, network servers, automotive systems, medical and military equipment, and more.


The composition of 138°C tin solder includes 2 metals, Tin (Sn) and Bismuth (Bi).


138°C solder paste does not contain lead, and is environmentally friendly, for human health. A low melting point does not affect the components and materials to be soldered. The welds are still shiny, bright, beautiful, and durable.


Use tweezers to apply solder paste around or above the workpiece before welding. Gently rotate the muzzle of the heat gun to evenly disperse the solder paste. During the welding process, if it is dry and cannot be erased, you can also add more solder flux to support it.

Note before using this solder paste that you must mix the flux well, stirring continuously until it flows naturally.

solder paste 138 degrees

Methods of preservation

138°C solder paste should be stored in a cold place. Before using the solder paste, take the solder paste out of the refrigerator first and place it in the room to let the temperature return to its natural state. This is to restore the solder paste to normal indoor working temperature. Be careful not to open the cap of the solder vial during temperature recovery to avoid moisture in the air condensing on the surface of the solder paste. Affects the viscosity of the solder and the welding effect on the product. The solder paste is best used at an ambient temperature of 22°C-24°C and a humidity of 55-65%.

How much does 138°C solder paste cost?

How much is the current price of 138°C solder paste on the market is a question that many customers are interested in today. According to market prices, this type of solder paste has a price ranging from 90,000 VND to several hundred thousand VND depending on the time of increase or decrease according to market price, volume of products and brands customers want to buy. So, if customers want to know the most accurate price, please contact the supplier to receive a specific quote for each type!

solder paste 138 degrees

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