Electroloy Group was firstly launched as a limited company, Electroloy Metal Pte Ltd., on 11

May 1977 in Singapore. With recognition and acceptance by the leading manufacturers in the

electronics industries, Electroloy is able to expand rapidly, by setting up overseas plant in

Malaysia, China : Shenzhen & Suzhou.

A full scale laboratory which is based in Singapore HQ ,partner with “A-Star”( Agency for

Science, Technology and Research) which is under the Singapore government was established

in year 2006.

In year 2014, in order to meet the market requirement, we built a manufacturing base in

Guangdong, Huizhou. The new facility will house the service & support/manufacturing & the


In order to achieve “total solution” company for our customers Electroloy manufacture a full

range of specialized products from Soldering Material, Thermal silicon & Coating Material at

international standard. At present, there are 8 companies under Electroloy Group.